Nordschleife My Moto Guzzi Le Mans III
(VF14872, 1982)
Grizzly and Trenta and Gundula Grizzly and Torsten Grizzly and Torsten

After having some trouble with heavy pinging on the right hand cylinder, I decided to take the bike out of service for a while for some needed maintenance and improvement work to be done.

As money is always a limited resource, it took a bit longer, but the work has started now.

The manic mechanic and his workshop.

Revision 1 (February 2001)

As the rectifier and voltage regulator in each respective Imola failed, Grizzly was taken as an organ donor and the old parts were replaced by an integrated voltage regulator/rectifier from Silent Hektik.

The conventional ignition with (badly worn) contacts and mechanical advance seemed likely to be the culprit for the pinging. So I wanted to exchange it against an electronic unit. I had lusted for Moto Spezial's combi unit (tachometer / speedometer / programmable ignition / motor management) anyway. So that was my favourite choice. First step, the instrument with programmable ignition, with motor management and fuel injection/catalyzer upgradeable as soon as money would allow.

Installation of the new instrument required the timing cover and cam gear to be removed and sent to Moto Spezial for installation of the pickup mechanism.

During this process I found the timing chain to have reached the end of it's service life. This was replaced as well and while at it, the original chain tensioner was replaced by a spring loaded Stucchi unit.

The old crank nut (groove nut) was replaced by the hex nut used in the newer models ( 93601026) that only requires a deep socket 32 mm nut for assembly/disassembly, not the ridiculously expensive factory tool no. 18927651.

March 2001:

The engine has been completely disassembled to check for wear.
A lot of parts have to be replaced due to exceeded tolerances:
- cylinders pistons and rings
- camshaft
- valve plungers
- front crank bearing
- big end half-bearings
- valves
- valve guides
- clutch assembly

So it looks like this will keep the bike off the road for another year or so :-(
Revision 1 has now turned into:


Here's the plan:
- 88 mm cylinders and pistons, 948 cc
- Dynotec 7906 cam
- stainless 42 mm pipes
- Carillo rods
- lead free conversion of the heads
- single disc clutch and lightened flywheel assembly
- possibly electronic fuel injection and catalyzer

Wait and see... :-)

See photos (1.2 Mb!) for details.

November 2002, this has been done:
- 88 mm cylinders and pistons, 948 cc
- Dynotec 7906 cam
- lead free conversion of the heads
- single disc clutch and lightened flywheel assembly
- porting of the heads and dual plugging.
- balancing of the rotating and oscilating masses.
- complete set of new bearings.
- airbox has been opened up for better flow.
- gear box (with straight cut gears) completely revised, gears pinned.

This still has to be done:
- revision of the brake calipers (new Ergal pistons).
- new wiring harness.

This won't be done:
- Carillo rods
- electronic fuel injection and catalyzer

This will be done sometime later:
- stainless 42 mm pipes
- new ring and pinion gear (8/35) for the rear drive (now 7/33).

Back on the road very soon now, NOT :-(

See photos (1.1 Mb!) for details.


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