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Pics taken at Stein-Dinse Italo Party 1997
Pics taken at MGCN 25th Anniversary at Wanroy 1997

Imola by H. Aue Easter '97 this lovely bike happened to us.
We found it in a local shop, where it had been standing for two years.
We were in the process of restauration until the end of September '97.
Now it's back on the road, at least occasionally.
There's always some more work to do.
The pictures below show the state the bike was in, when we bought it.
It didn't look so bad at all :-)).

V35 Imola-4 V35 Imola-3
V35 Imola-1 V35 Imola naked
Naked Bike

The story so far:

Removed the oil sump, cylinder heads and the cylinders.
Not to much wear on the cylinders and pistons.

One outlet valve needed grinding, because the outer valve spring was broken.
The others were ok.

Found a washer and some debris in the oil sump *oops*, looks like a threaded part from the engine casing and some plastic or maybe surplus sealing compound.

Got new tyres (Bridgestone BT35 90/90 front, BT25 100/90 rear).

Some plastic parts had suffered from vibrations and had to be repaired (seat back, fairing) or replaced (side covers) and the seat got a new cover.

Replaced original brake lines with Spiegler stainless steel braided brake lines.

Recognized there is a problem with the rear break cylinder; has been replaced with a PS16 unit as the original PS15 was not obtainable.

During reassembly of the cylinders / heads we noticed some (almost) ruined threads in the heads, which were helicoiled then.

After first reassembly, the beast was leaking from the cylinder foot gaskets (sigh).
Took off everything again, got all new gaskets and o-rings, added some silicone sealant (Yes, I know, be careful with that), put everything together again.

On September 28, 1997 we finaly passed technical examination and registered the bike.
Some strange noises still coming from the mill, and there's some wobbling while accelerating in second and third gear - we'll see.

On July 10 1997 we found another Imola, built in '84, in good condition.
So that one became our second Guzzi :-)

April 2001:
The wobbling came from a slightly bent rear wheel which we replaced in the meantime.

The strange noises seem to be normal.
At least the engine is still running :-)

As the bike was burning more and more oil, we have taken it out of service for the moment.
Either the engine will be overhauled after the Le Mans is finished, or another engine (preferably V65) will be put into the frame.

Imola No.2 This ain't no small twin
Imola No. 2
I just don't know why they call it small twin ?

Oil filter lid, eagle still fuctional. Oil filter lid
A little mishap with the oil filter lid. Sometimes the recommended torque is just slightly too much.
But look at that tiny fragment on the left pic. The eagle is still in one piece :-)

Imola at full flight (Schotten 2004)


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